Don’t speak so soon!

Sorry o haven’t posted in a while.  Life gets crazy. Oh well. …so today I chopped off some of my eyebrow (not fun)  I had to -for the first time ever in my life-  draw my eyebrow back. It sucked.  Also I went to school with my pants wet because they didn’t make it into the dryer so when I finally did put them in the dryer they couldn’t stay long because I was going to be late for school. Thus wet pants.  Plus my shirts I ordered for Valentine’s day are not here yet! Ugh! But hopefully tomorrow they will be here and tomorrow will be better….. -feeling hopeful- well I hate to whine especially with everyone having their own prob.s.  ok literally my shirts just got here!  Yay!  Their is still hope for humanity!


The Windshield Story

Ok so as my first official post as a blogger I would like to say- like off of the movie Mom’s Night Out- I’m a blogger. I’m a blogger. I’m a blogger. I am not a mommy blogger because that will defiantly not happen until¬†I’m married. ūüôā

Well on that¬†note I would like to share the fact that¬†my windshield cracked today on¬†the way home from work. Not exactly how I would have liked to have ended my day but hey I guess thing could have been way worse. On a side note when I think of bloggers I think they share crazy and funny posts about their lives with¬†-most of the time- a heart filled ending. Or are those romance novels? Any how I would love to “SPICE-UP” the story of how¬†my beloved Ashley came¬†upon her windshield being widely cracked.¬†(BTW:¬†Ashley is¬†the name of my lovely car)¬†So here goes……..I remember it like it was only a few hours ago. I was driving along with my lovely Ashley without a care in the world¬†by just taking a wonderful afternoon drive after a hard day at school and then work. We were so happy to being going home to our nice warm house and garage. Then out of nowhere a tornado whirled around a corner and went right by us. We were pulled into the twister like in the wizard of oz. The storm was carrying on like an old mule fighting his owner to pull a cart. They suddenly just as quickly as we had been pulled in we were tossed out. We landed on a bale of hay in wonder and awe as the twister of terror fled the scene of what was obviously a pull and toss. We checked our selves to make sure we were ok and intact. They suddenly a baby came flying through the air! I quickly opened the sun roof and¬†caught the baby! Then¬†Ashley gently rolled down the hay bail. Next thing ya know the windshield cracked under pressure. ¬†But at the end of the day all was well because no one was hurt and that’s what matters most.

The true story I was driving home with my brother and I turned on the defrost to get the windshield to un-fog and they suddenly a long crack spread across the windshield.     Creepy but defiantly not spicy. But hey at least every one was still ok at the end of the day

THE END ūüôā